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Southern MD New Home Shower Enclosures

A Shower Enclosure to Suit Every Style and Environment

When building a new home in Charles County or remodeling your home remember the bathroom is a key room in your home.  Your home gives you the opportunity to express yourself with each room providing visitors with a little insight into your thoughts and emotions. Each room in your home plays an important role in explaining who you are and what your personality is. Don’t forget your bathroom is also a key room in your home. Your bathroom is typically your first stop in the morning and your last in the evening therefore.  The fixtures you choose must stand the test of time.

When building a new home consider the shower. It is important that you have a space where you feel refreshed and comforted first thing in the morning when getting ready for the day ahead. The biggest problem you will face when choosing a new shower enclosure is which one makes the best sense for you. With so many styles available it can be difficult to know what style would suit best your needs. Your builder can help in choosing an enclosure that will fit the available space. Before you start looking through brochures and wandering around showrooms you must first be sure of the space and shape you have to work with. A popular choice for those with space are walk in enclosures also known as wet rooms.

Shower Enclosure Doors

Enclosure doors seal off a recessed area of the bathroom. Some tiled cubicles don’t need doors. These types of showers have tiled side panels typically built at the bathroom design stage. Typical enclosure doors include the following:

Sliding Doors – As the name suggests the door is split into two with the right hand section sliding to the left. This style of door ensures easy access to the enclosure whilst not being a hindrance to the room in opening outwards, which causes problems in some enclosures where space is a problem.

In-Fold Doors – In-Fold doors (or Bi-Fold doors as they are also known) are a concertina effect and again, like sliding doors, ensure that they make the most of the space and don’t become obstructive due to them not opening outwards. This can be considered more practical than a sliding door as it provides a greater amount of space to enter and exit the enclosure.

Pivot Doors – A Pivot door is one that opens outwards away from the enclosure, just like any standard door, ensuring complete access to the enclosure. This type of door however can only be used where you have the necessary space to open the door outwards fully.

Enclosure Side Panels

Side panels can be used in conjunction with shower doors in order to create a full enclosure where a recessed option in your bathroom is not available. You have the ability to create an enclosure that suits the space you have and the style you want, with a modern and stylish enclosure providing you with that touch of class. Side panels come in an array of styles and sizes, each being linked with a shower door to provide a full and matching enclosure. For those of you looking for a different type of enclosure door in order to make the most of your space, the Corner Entry enclosure, as the name suggests, opens at the corner, allowing you to make the most of your space, compared to other types of doors that require entry at either side of the enclosure, which is not always possible.

Walk In Shower Enclosures

For those of you with the space you can opt for the ultimate luxury in a Walk In Shower Enclosure, a touch of elegance to brighten up any showering environment. Walk In enclosures can simply be a panel on a tiled floor, a panel attached to a shower tray or a full enclosure, their use dependent on personal style and available space. Typical Walk In enclosure panels start at 1500mm in length providing you with ample space to enjoy your shower. Prices are higher than that of the conventional enclosure and door though you are paying for that luxury item which will be the focal point of your bathroom or en suite.

Wilkerson Builders is happy to discuss all the amazing choices you have for a new Luxury home in Charles County MD.



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