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Construction Tips from home builders in Charles County Maryland

charles county builder basement tipsUnfinished basements in Southern Maryland are a waste of space and energy. Unlikely to have insulation, your unfinished basement is costing you money in heat and is making your furnace work harder than it needs to, causing it unnecessary strain which may end up costing you money.  By remodeling your basement you are creating additional space in your home. Perhaps you need extra room for a growing family, or a gym, or an office, or a luxury home theatre space.

To create an inviting and comfortable basement there are a few different things to consider:

1.     WARMTH

Properly insulating your basement will help to create a warm space. A stone wool insulation product will produce the best results.

2.     WALLS

To make the space feel like less of a basement and more like any other part of your home you should consider dry walling. If this isn’t something you feel comfortable doing yourself, hire a professional home improvement company instead to ensure the job it done to a high standard.

3.     FLOORS

You need to seal and cover your floors with an insulation product before your carpet. Or perhaps you could splash out on under floor heating?


The finishing touches make a home. It is important to think about furniture that you can easily get into your basement as well as how you can tie in the design to the rest of your home.