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Rekindle the romance

February is the time to rekindle romance with your home

New Home for sale in Southern Maryland.Showing your home some love this time of year can pay off with energy savings and a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment.

Valentine month is the time of year when we seek appropriate ways of expressing our love for those closest to us. Why not rekindle the romance with your home at the same time? Flowers, candy or jewelry might not get you very far, but asking these three questions is going to show you care:

1. How is your home feeling?

It’s often hard to get fresh air into our homes during the winter, meaning pollutants can get trapped inside. If your home has poor indoor air quality you can help it feel better.

* Limit the use of products containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in common household products, such as cleansers and paint.

* Consider adding a mechanical ventilation system to provide a controlled source of fresh air to your home. It can help manage indoor pollutants and excess indoor moisture.

2. Is your home warm and comfortable?

Conventional fiberglass insulation is like a wool sweater on a winter day. It might look warm and fuzzy, but it won’t stop cold air from passing through.

* Conduct an energy audit of your home to spot key sources of air leakage, especially around windows and doors and through the attic.

* Consider installing spray foam insulation (like popular Icynene) in your home. It can create an air barrier and help control air leakage, energy loss and airborne pollutants.

3. Is your home nice and dry?

Indoor moisture can accumulate in the winter months, leading to a musty smell, condensation on windows and even to mold.

* Make sure bathroom fans and kitchen hoods are hooked up and working.

* Use proper ventilation to the outdoors when showering or cooking.

* Limit the use of humidifiers. Set up a dehumidifier in damp areas inside the home, like the basement.

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