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Top 10 Features In New Homes

top new home featuresWilkerson Builders from Charles County Maryland is committed to staying one step ahead when it comes to the most sought after features in a new home. 

Top 15 features home buyers in Southern Maryland are looking for from their builder:

1. Open Floor Plan- These homes have flowing floorplans and usually include high ceilings.  The most common of these is  a “great room” that combines the kitchen, dining room, and living room in one shared space.

2. Outdoor Space– Buyers are looking for features to make the outdoors more comfortable for living and entertaining.  A firepit has become a must have with the moving up buyers.

3. Modern Kitchens– State of the Art appliances, countertops and cabinets are what new homeowners are looking for in their new home.  This means maximum cooking efficiency and new organization strategies from top of the line name brand appliances.

4. High Energy Ratings- These features save a home owner money, as well as, save the earths resources.  The items reviewed are normally; appliances, windows, doors, hot water systems, heating and air conditioning systems.

5. Double Car Garage with work and storage space.  Many homes now have 3 car garages.  In larger garages you are likely to find air conditioning, sinks, cabinet systems and so much more.  This allows for automotive hobbies, extra storage, and storage for boats and RVs.

6. Security. Home buyers want their homes to be safe from intrusion and  fire so an impressive security system has made the list of must haves.  Some buyers want the ability to watch the home from their phones while at work, while others see this as a risky feature.  So be sure to discuss these needs with your builder.

7. Media Room. Audio and Visual equipment has become as important as choosing the stove you are going to cook on .  Again with an importance on entertaining family and friends the theater room has hit the list of must haves. 

8. Electric Outlets in new places.  Outlets can be found the eaves of houses, making it easy to install Christmas lights, or use a tool on the roof.  If you want walls free from outlets you will find them in the countertops. 

9. Fire Proof Safe.  These safes have multiple uses such as:  a gun safe if you own guns, or a small safe for valuables, such as cash, jewelry, important papers etc.

10. Fire Sprinklers. These are a safety feature and in some areas are government mandated.  It should also be able to withstand a house fire.


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Wilkerson Builders serving Charles County, Maryland offers all the features you want in your new home.  We are custom builders and will create the home of your dreams for you.  Contact us today.