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garage doors for the new home

Operate garage doors safely

Shared by New Home Builder serving Pomfret Maryland in Charles County: Operate garage doors safely. Garage doors need to be inspected for safety and used properly to avoid injuries. A garage door is an oft-overlooked part of a home. Some…

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Germ control flooring

Laplata, MD: There’s a new trend among parents, HEALTHY FLOORS.  New germ control flooring is popular with parents. As most parents can attest, infants love to crawl around and put things in their mouth. No matter how hard you try…

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basement remodeling project

The dos and don’ts of basement finishing

The dos and don’ts of basement finishing An unfinished basement allows homeowners to transform the room into anything they desire. But there are some dos and don’ts to finishing a basement, including ensuring the project adheres to local building codes….

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hardwood floors

Choose hardwood floors

How to choose hardwood floors in 5 easy clicks New online direct customized flooring a snap Brought to you by a Premier New Homes Builder in Charles County Maryland. New online direct customized flooring a snap  Times have changed when…

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lawn gnomes in new homes near me

Mystery of the Lawn Gnomes

(Charles County, MD ): There’s something hiding in the yard of a new home near me! Lаwn and garden gnomes hаvе еxреrіеnсеd quite thе roller соаѕtеr hіѕtоrу іn that thеу grow іn рорulаrіtу аnd thеn they dесlіnе. Once they rise…

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Choosing a Builder in Southern MD

How to choose a builder in Charles County MD 4 important tips

Building Your Home In Waldorf MD Whether the kids have all grown up and moved out or if the kids are on the way and it’s time to expand a living area, building a new home is an exciting, yet…

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Wilkerson home builder in Waldorf offers infographic to increase selling value.

Increasing the sales value of your home in Southern Maryland

Looking for the perfect custom built home in Southern Maryland? Wilkerson Homes can help you. If you have to sell your home first then the infographic below will be of assistance. Contact Wilkerson Homes for information on a  custom built…

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scott mcgillivray

Reap the benefits of a well-insulated home

Wilkerson Builders only builds a well-insulated homes. By Scott McGillivray Presented by: Wilkerson Homes premiere home builders in Charles County MD: Waldorf, Indian Head, Hughesville, LaPlata, Nanjemoy and other communities in Charles County MD. Many of us know that insulation plays…

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hardwood Flooring new home flooring option

Get the 411 on flooring

Get the 411 on flooring Choosing the right flooring for a new home in Charles County MD is no small task. Flooring is expensive, so homeowners want to make the best decision possible so their choice of flooring is not…

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New Home for sale in Southern Maryland.

A Quick Guide on Custom Homes in Southern Maryland

Everyone in Southern Maryland dreams of living in a custom built home, a comfortable house that feels and looks amazing. After all, your house will be one of your biggest investments in this lifetime. As potential investors, you should do…

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