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How building permits protect homeowners

How building permits protect homeowners You are thinking of making a major renovation to your home. Perhaps it’s time to create that master bedroom suite you long have admired or install that wrap-around porch? What is the first thing that…

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hard water problems in Southern MD

The problem with hard water in Southern MD

Hard water can cause scaling, deposits inside of pipes, reduced cleaning ability, and several other problems. Home ownership opens people’s eyes to many new experiences, even requiring homeowners to familiarize themselves with certain things they never encountered as renters. Homeowners…

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Builder Wayne Wilkerson giving keys to new homeowners

Saving for a new home

A Charles County Builder Offers information On: How to save enough for a down payment on a house According to Charles County New Home Builder, Wilkerson Construction, a home is the most costly thing many people will ever buy. The…

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Builder pics showing Southern MD Home Sizes

New Homes Are Getting Smaller

Is Bigger Better? Learn From A Southern MD New Homes Builder From the early 1990s to the beginning of this century, “bigger is better” certainly was the mantra of the home-building industry. All across North America buyers could browse among…

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southern md window

Bring more light into a home

Southern MD Builder Notes: Lighten Up Your Southern MD Home Big windows, light-colored walls and furnishings and the inclusion of French doors can help brighten up a room even during the peak of a Southern MD winter. A home without…

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southern md landscape

Create A Budget Friendly Landscape

AWARD WORTHY LAWN & GARDENS IN SOUTHERN MD Homeowners understandably envy the award-worthy photo spreads in lawn and garden magazines, wanting to emulate those same looks on their own properties. Scores of designers and landscape architects are involved in the…

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local southern md contractor

Building A New Home

Building a new home of your dreams in Southern MD Many people dream of building a new home, customizing each room of their new home and this process can be very exciting. This is something that can only be done with…

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charles county builder basement tips


Construction Tips from home builders in Charles County Maryland Unfinished basements in Southern Maryland are a waste of space and energy. Unlikely to have insulation, your unfinished basement is costing you money in heat and is making your furnace work…

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What is a surge protector and why should I get one

Power surges are a common and potentially dangerous occurrence that causes millions of dollars in damage to homes and electronic devices each year. In order to protect your home and business, it is important to understand what a power surge…

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New Home for sale in Southern Maryland.

Rekindle the romance

February is the time to rekindle romance with your home Showing your home some love this time of year can pay off with energy savings and a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment. Valentine month is the time of year when…

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